Why Is Everyone Talking About Battery Bike, Being Human Cycle in Delhi and who is the E Cycle Dealer in Delhi?

14 Oct

What is Battery Bike and why is it gaining popularity?

Battery Bike is what we also call by different names such as Electronic Bike and E-Bike. It is the bike that runs on a battery, motor and a motor controller which can also be paddled. The first E-Bike in the US was made around the late ‘90s. And then to other parts of the world like Europe. This bike solves multiple purposes. With this bike, exercise is not something to be worried about in the tight schedule. One can take the bike to move around places like grocery shop, cafes etc. These bikes are a part of technologies that are being made by keeping in mind the increasing levels of pollution. This bike does not contribute to pollution. This is the reason why Battery Bike is gaining popularity. Normal bikes are being changes for this one since people are becoming more aware of the environment and more concerned about their health.

Wondering what was that Being Human Cycle in Delhi you saw?

Salman Khan is fond of cycling and it is no shock that the company came up with nature-friendly Electronic Cycle, the Being Human Cycle. Being Human is a foundation of Salman Khan that works for unprivileged people who cannot afford education or health-related facilities. So, whenever a product of Being Human (company) is bought, an amount of it goes to the foundation. Being Human Cycle is getting popular in Delhi. It comes in four basic colors – black, white, yellow and red. The finishing of the color is matte. They are full of features like Shimano gears, LED headlight, and LED display and so on. Battery, motor and controller also have a one year warranty.

Who is the Dealer of E Cycle in Delhi?

The company that is authorized for the distribution of E-Cycle in Delhi is Urban E-Bikes. It is a company that is a partner of the E-Cycle of the Being Human Company of with Salman Khan. Thus it was launched by Salman Khan in Delhi. You can easily find Urban E-Bikes which is authorized E Cycle Dealer in Delhi by clicking on this link - http://www.urbanebykes.com/about-urbanebykes.php.

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